New comp season starts this weekend!

So I am very excited to be off to my first competition of the year this weekend at TEG. I haven’t jumped Tommy since the Gatton World Cup, on account of broken ankle, 2 months on crutches, and a lot of time spent learning to sit straight and use myself evenly again. I will be pretty rusty, as will he!

I have been mostly focusing on his dressage training, and I must say, he is looking freaking amazing in his condition and muscle development. An amazing looking dressage horse makes for a rather pudgy looking jumping horse though! Anyway, I am going to drop him down a class for the first round, just so we can get our groove back, and then, all going well, start him in the 1.05-1.10m class.

He has been going super well in his dressage training (it has been a long and very bumpy road), and I am feeling fairly confident that I will be able to start him in medium this year. He really struggles mentally with the elementary tests, and is pretty solid with all the work, so I am going to give it a crack.

My coaching for the year is really starting to take off again, as everyone brings their horses in from the holiday paddock, and start to work towards their goals for the year. I have had several new students start, and have also welcomed back my loyal, long term students. I am so lucky to be working with such a motivated group of riders and their beautiful horses, and look forward to their progress and success this year!

School goes back next week for my son, so he is spending a few days hanging out with his cousins and grandma, and having some fun. They have a pool and a cat to annoy, so he is happy to be having a break from the routine here. It was his 8th birthday on Sunday, so we all went to Sea World for the day, and had a lot of fun. I expected his favourite part of the day to be the roller coaster, but he actually enjoyed touching the stingrays the most. Because his birthday is so close to Christmas, I have always tried to make his day about new experiences and doing stuff, rather than on getting lots of presents, that will be forgotten in a few weeks. Sea World was definitely a winner!

Anyway, enough of an update for now. I am off to clean my house and do some pilates out of the revolting heat we have been experiencing.

Enjoy your week!

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Coach, rider, trainer, mother, writing about horses, life and the ups and downs along the way :)

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