Up and Over!

Last weekend of school holidays and what a busy one it has been so far!

Spent a few hours yesterday at Wet n Wild with my best kid, having fun and being a big kid myself. We are certainly getting good value out of our season passes! I am always very conscious of the fact that my riding and coaching takes up a lot of my time, so I try to do special little things with him when we can.

Today was the Australia Day showjumping event at Tamborine Equestrian Group. I always enjoy going to TEG, and today didn’t disappoint. I was feeling a little apprehensive, as I hadn’t competed since August last year, but all was forgotten once i was in the ring. Tommy is as out of practice as me, but jumped a fantastic clear in the 95cm-1.04m, and although we weren’t fast enough to pick up a ribbon, I was so proud of him for trusting me and forgiving a few little mistakes I made. He gave me so much confidence, and we went into the 1.05-1.10m feeling positive. He jumped some really good lines, but he was pretty tired and a faulty half half resulted in a couple of rails, but i was super happy with him nonetheless and grateful for his honesty, even when i don’t always get it right.

It felt so good to be out and competing again, after my year was cut short in 2019. I didn’t realise just how much i missed it, and today has really helped light the fire again. šŸ™‚

Of course the day is always better when my crew is along for the ride too! Q1 was so excited to see me this morning, that she drove her car off the edge of a drain and ripped her tyre to pieces. Luckily some lovely gentlemen leapt into action and had it sorted in no time. I had a great time hanging out with Q1 and Q3, watching horses and discussing secret women’s business. Our kids get along well and had a good time too. It is always a challenge to keep a pair of 8yo boys occupied at a horse show, so it is nice that they have their own little junior crew, and keep themselves entertained.

Just some closing thoughts…. The thing I really enjoy and appreciate about the jumping crowd is the general lack of ego. There is nowhere to hide and the outcomes are so black and white. You either leave the jumps up and go the fastest, or you don’t. I can compete alongside World Cup showjumping riders and kids in the same class, and everyone (in my experience at least) wants to see you do well and succeed. It is so refreshing and motivating, and makes comp days even more enjoyable. šŸ™‚

Happy riding šŸ™‚

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Coach, rider, trainer, mother, writing about horses, life and the ups and downs along the way :)

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