Mirror, Mirror……….

Long time between posts! Life has been a bit out of control the last 6 months, but on the eve of my 40th birthday, i feel inspired and ready to start writing again, and reflect on some of the biggest lessons i have learnt this year. It will be pretty self indulgent, but i amContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror……….”

The nut behind the wheel…..

A common issue I encounter as a coach, are riders who have had a bad horse related accident, and are struggling to cope with their nerves and anxiety when they return to riding. I have never been a nervous rider, so although I could empathise with these riders, I guess I never entirely understood theirContinue reading “The nut behind the wheel…..”

Take the time it takes……..

Someone very special to me recently said, “If you ever find yourself the smartest person in a room, then you need to find another room”. I loved this pearl of wisdom, because it made me think about how far i have come with my knowledge and skill as a rider and coach, and how farContinue reading “Take the time it takes……..”

New comp season starts this weekend!

So I am very excited to be off to my first competition of the year this weekend at TEG. I haven’t jumped Tommy since the Gatton World Cup, on account of broken ankle, 2 months on crutches, and a lot of time spent learning to sit straight and use myself evenly again. I will beContinue reading “New comp season starts this weekend!”

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